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About Us

About Us

  Servo BioLabs is founded and directed by a team of scientists and professors from top-rated medical schools and universities in the United States and Australia. The company conducts extensive research on how protein misfolding causes Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other aging-related diseases.

Our team of experts have spent most of their careers engaged in extensive medical research. We fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of modern medicine and we are driven and persistent in identifying viable areas where holistic or traditional medicine can be applied.

  Our strong point lies in our progressiveness and impartiality towards new discoveries in modern medicine. We have the knowledge and expertise of scientific experts that make Servo BioLabs, one of the leading research and manufacturing laboratories in the industry. But most importantly, our forte is driven by our ardent determination in selecting and fusing the contemporary with the traditional; these two schools of Medicine, in order for us to come up with a revolutionary product that we can make available to our consumers.

We aim to bring together the philosophies and practical ideas of holistic and traditional medicine. We are doing something that has never been done in improving weak areas of modern medicine. We achieved this by providing consumers worldwide with not just the most advanced scientific knowledge in the field but also research-based organic adaptogens that are in sync with the treatment recommended by the physicians. We hope not to replace but rather support existing medical treatments with evidence-based supplements or provide a standalone medical regimen that can help in achieving overall wellness.

Our Product

  We have been studying how Endoplasmic Reticulum-associated Degradation (ERAD) removes misfolded proteins that cause aging-related diseases. Protein misfolding or unfolding is a normal cellular event but this can yield intrinsically harmful products. To lessen the risk, quality control processes are deployed to identify and purge misfolded, unassembled, and aggregated proteins.

  Servo BioLabs is proud to be the first one who has used natural plant extracts to successfully enhance the efficiency of ERAD in eliminating misfolded insulin. This success offers a revolutionary and promising strategy for reversing aging-related diseases, especially Diabetes.

  In the secretion secretory pathway, it is primarily the ERAD pathways that execute this role. At this point, specialized factors are used to observe and process the misfolded protein or the folded states of nascent polypeptides. This is the result of coming together and sometimes opportune discoveries of our researchers with expertise from diverse fields.        Although major advances in ERAD and ER quality control came from all model organisms, Servo BioLabs focus on the discoveries based on extensive studies and research.

  Servo BioLabs has isolated from edible organic herbs several natural compounds that decrease oxidative and/or ER stress. Furthermore, to support advanced research on their pharmaceutical effects, herbs having these organic compounds are extracted and specific varieties have been used to manufacture ERAD Plus, a nutritional supplement proudly produced by Servo BioLabs to help preserve and nurture your healthy beta cells. Our natural supplements contain the perfect blend of organic ingredients that have been proven to contain properties effective in enhancing ERAD pathways. And with growing progress in medical research and facilities, we have found a way to harness the potent extracts found in herbal plants known to stimulate and enhance overall wellness.

  Unlike the typical approach in today’s medicine, we at Servo BioLabs use our expertise and medical skills in identifying and acquiring vital components present in both holistic and traditional medicine. This practice leads us to provide a wider and more complete scope of means in enhancing and improving the health of our consumers.

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