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Endoplasmic Reticulumn Stress

ERAD TX-107 English.jpg

ERAD and ER Stress in Pancreatic beta cells

 ER stress is mainly caused by the build-up of misfolded proinsulin within the ER of a beta cell. The misfolded proinsulin is highly toxic and causes beta cells to die off entirely. Once beta cells die, they’re gone, so they are no longer able to synthesize insulin.

 ERAD is a natural physiological process which specifically targets and removes harmful misfolded proinsulin from the ER of beta cells. Since ERAD can prevent misfolded proinsulin from accumulating in the ER, it ameliorates ER stress and indirectly, the oxidative stress.


 The natural compound, TX-107 was the first identified natural ERAD enhancer in the world. It was originally purified from a Chinese herbal medicine at our research facility in Texas in 2008. Servo BioLabs is currently developing the pharmaceutical application of TX-107.

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