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Sanarever has been proven to facilitate skin renewal and

wound healing – both processes require an optimal

environment to remove damaged or aged tissues

before new skin tissues grow.

How does Sanarever Help?

1. Inflammation

Not all types of inflammation are bad.

During the first phase of wound healing, inflammation

induces an influx of inflammatory cells, including

macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocytes to

minimize bacterial counts and void any beta-hemolytic

Streptococcus bacteria. Certain probiotics including

Sanarever act as immunomodulators, interact with the

host or bacterial cells and exert pleiotropic effects on wound healing.


2. Prevention of Infection and Biofilms

A biofilm is a microbial colony encased in a polysaccharide matrix that can become attached to a wound surface. This can affect the healing potential of chronic wounds due to the production of destructive enzymes and toxins which can promote a chronic inflammatory state within the wound.

Bacteriocins produced by probiotics exhibit multiple ways of action against pathogens. They permeated the cell membrane, destroying bacterial cell integrity and genome irreversibly. Bacteriocins from Sanarever are effective against S. aureus biofilms and gram-positive pathogens. Hence, Sanarever possesses broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against many gram-positive pathogens common in skin infections, including coagulase-negative staphylococci and E. faecalis.


3. Increase of Re-Epithelization and Re-Vascularization

Sanarever has demonstrated in multiple animal models the ability to improve vascularization and epithelization. Studies focused on the benefits of Sanarever showed that it increased collagen levels and capillary vessels when wounds were examined microscopically. Many wounds which were previously determined non-healing had shown clear normal tissue reconstruction after being treated with Sanarever. The increased granulation tissue exhibited significant neovascularization, aiding in forming a thick new epithelial layer and collagen production.

Sanarever 3.jpg

Following photos of case studies using Sanarever may be graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.


Sanarever helped the removal of damaged tissues and regrowth of radiotherapy-damaged skin in 4 days


Sanarever helped the removal of damaged tissues and regrowth of radiotherapy-damaged skin in 12 days


Sanarever facilitated the healing of diabetic ulcers in 26 days


Sanarever facilitated the healing of diabetic ulcers in 19 days


Sanarever facilitated the healing of large-area diabetic ulcers which had previously lasted for 5 years in 53 days.


Sanarever facilitated the healing of diabetic ulcers which had been previously pronounced non-healing in 58 days.


Sanarever facilitated the healing of difficult bedsores in 62 days.


Sanarever facilitated the healing of large-area bedsores in 142 days.

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